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Comic Review: The Complete Ouija Interviews

Over the weekend I went on my yearly pilgrimage to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). As is my usual protocol, I throw my money at anything that catches my eye. My first purchase was a comic by Sarah Becan called The Complete Ouija Interviews and published by Shortpants Press in 2010.

What immediately stood out to me at first was the felt weave cover in soft neutral tones. There was some minor bends to the corners as I am a Sunday shopper but somehow this made the book stand out more to me. Of course the artwork of the tiny adorable ghost caught me too.

Inside are four ouija interview sessions conducted by her brother, Jeff Becan in Massachusetts. Although short, each story conveys many emotions finding humour and acceptance in otherwise unfortunate situations. The border art from the cover is also present on every page which is a nice touch and ties it in like a neat little package.

Would I say this short mini comic is worth your $10? Definitely! Outside of the pretty yet simplistic art style, it does create for an interesting conversation starter regardless of whether you believe in Ouija boards and ghosts or not. Plus, if you are lucky, perhaps Sarah will sign your copy and add in another cute little ghost friend.

You can purchase a copy of Sarah Becan’s book here.

Tonight’s Playlist

Here Is The House – Depeche Mode

All Glory – Southern Death Cult

Yr Body Is Nothing – Boy Harsher

Cynara – Clan of Xymox

Hate Is A 4 Letter Word – Shock Therapy

Sleepless – Opale

A Short Term Effect – The Cure

Other Voices – The Cure

Pain – Boy Harsher

When That Head Splits – Esben and the Witch

Six Bells Chime – Crime and the City Solution

Behind the Wheel – Depeche Mode

Isolation – Rorscach Garden

Damaged Goods – Gang of Four

Harmony In My Head – Buzzcocks

Dance With Me – Lords of the New Church